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What is Web Dashboard?

Web Dashboard is the most flexible personal or business dashboard display system available.  Create single or multi-window displays for interactive or automated information systems (Control Room, Kiosk, Lobby, Office, Desktop, etc.).  Browse the internet using multiple windows simultaneously!

Create Web Dashboards from any content ...

  • Local Weather Report - Current, hourly, 10 day, Live Radar, and Ski Report
  • Financial Report - Market Summary, Sector Summary, Popular Stocks, Stock Summary, Financial News
  • Technology News - Computers, Internet, Inventions, Tech Developments, Developer News, Wired

Stay up to the minute on all your information needs

  • Display your dashboard with the click of a mouse.
  • Set your dashboard to update at any interval to always show the latest information.
  • Toggle from a multi-window to a tabbed view, set dashboard to toggle between tabs at any interval.
  • Can be used for personal use or for a business to create a up to the minute information display.
  • Free version with limited functionality


  • Supports SEARCH, enter a search string in any Web Dashboard window and the search results pages are fed to the window. Search results are updated based on your refresh interval.
  • Search Panel, perform multi-site searches and view the results using the Search Panel.  Great for performing interactive research on any information.
  • Supports RSS Feeds, use the Feeds Manager to browse a directory of RSS Feeds or build your own using Keywords, then save them as Feed Favorites.  Any window in your dashboard can display a feed.
  • Feeds Panel, show the latest articles from your Feed Favorites using the Feeds Panel.  Display articles or build a dashboard with a click of the mouse.
  • Refresh information on a variable interval.
  • Unlimited number of windows in your dashboard.
  • Auto-scroll the content of any or all windows.
  • Show or hide scroll bars.
  • Full screen or multiple window view.
  • drag an drop windows to different positions.
  • Add multiple sites to a single window of your dashboard, then sequence through them automatically or manually.
  • Remote control of dashboard contents.

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Simple Desktop Widget Dashboard

Anatomy of a Web Dashboard Window (see the demo below for a multi-window Web Dashboard)

Web Dashboard Demo

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Windows 7, Vista, XP


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