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Embed Stock Charts into your Blog

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An easy way to provide interactive dynamic stock charts in your website is to use the Chart Widget Wizard at  Enter your options into the form, then just paste the code provided into your blog article or webpage.


What can you do with Web Dashboard?

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What you can do with Web Dashboard??? - Limitless!

See our review on

Easily stay informed about what matters to you most. Web Dashboard allows you to combine pages from your favorite sites, RSS Feeds, and even multi-site Keyword Searches into a dashboard that you can access with the click of a mouse. What could be better? Browse the internet using multiple windows simultaneously! New features with this release include simultaneous multi-site web searches (Google, Bing, Twitter, Youtube, more), and RSS Feed integration. Try it out for free! More

Watch this video for a closer look of Web Dashboard

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  • Tab view or dashboard view
  • Refresh information on a variable interval.
  • Unlimited number of windows in your dashboard.
  • Auto-scroll the content of any or all windows.
  • Show or hide scroll bars.
  • drag an drop windows to different positions
  • Remote control mode

Web Dashboard Review and Giveaway

E-mail Print reviewed our new version of Web Dashboard and will be giving away 20 license keys to the first visitors to leave a comment and like the review on Facebook. 

Overall the results of the review were excellent and we are expecting it to make more people aware of the truely inovative nature of this product.  To take advantage of just two of these may change the way you browse the web.

Browse two or more website simultaneously

Just think of the posibilities here allowing you to display multiple webpages side-by-side.  This would be advantageous in; social media, research, shopping, etc.

Multi-site Keyword Search

Web Dashboard makes multiple seach engins (Google, Bing, Feedzilla, Twitter, Youtube, and more) available for seaching simultanesously, with the results streamed to the Search Panel or directly a dashboard window.


New Dashboad Sample - Alternative News Sources

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Along with a new version of Web Dashboard we will be publishing some sample dashboards to share.  We at Bayview Software Solutions feel that it's important to stay informed through alternative news sources as well as the corporate owned media.

You can download it from the menu Products > Web Dashboard > Dashboard Sample Downloads

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